Products Specifications

(Color Card)

1000 Series (Anatase Series)

2000 Series (Rutile Series)

3000 Series (Golden Series)

4000 Series (Fe Series)

5000 Series (Coloring Series)

7000 Series (Polychrome Series)

Intense Sparkle Series

Dream of Rainbow Series (Color

Diamond Series (Glass Based Effect

Anti-Yellowing Series

Weather Resistance Series

Velvet Series of Effect Pigments

Hot New Special Effect Pigments

Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments

NH90000 Weather Resistance Series

Oxen Chem Supplied patented weather resistance pearl luster pigments, which are coated by multi-layers of metal oxides (Cr+3 free) to fulfill excellent weather resistance performance. The products has been approved and widely used in automotive OEM and refinish paints, motorcycle paints, exterior powder coatings and plastics coatings, etc.

Oxen lab has advanced test equipments to fulfill the requirements of high product quality and consistency. The popularly test equipments used are: Q-lab Xenon Test Chamber, Huber super temperature controlling water bath, Five Axial-automatic sprayer, Xrite multi-angle spectrophotometer, Laser Particle size analyzer, etc. All the equipment and management system guarantee the best possible quality of the pigments and service.

The most popularly ordered codes are:



Particle Size (μm)
NH 94904 China Red 10~60
NH 94966 China Orange 10~60
NH 90302A Diamond Gold 10~60
NH 92111 Rutile Satin Silver 10~60
NH 92123 Rutile Satin Silver 10~60
NH 92103 Reutle Bright Silver 10~60
NH 92103A Rutile Bright Silver 10~40
NH 92151 Rutile metal Silver 10~60
NH 92205 Bright Gold 10~60
NH 92224A Bright Blue 10~40
NH 92235A Bright Green 10~40
NH 93300 Bright Brass Gold 10~60
NH 93329 Bright Gold 10~60
NH 90302 Super Gold 10~60
NH 90500 Brown Yellow 10~60
NH 94560 Bright Orange Red 10~60
NH 94504A Bright Violet Red 10~40

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