Products Specifications

(Color Card)

1000 Series (Anatase Series)

2000 Series (Rutile Series)

3000 Series (Golden Series)

4000 Series (Fe Series)

5000 Series (Coloring Series)

7000 Series (Polychrome Series)

Intense Sparkle Series

Dream of Rainbow Series (Color

Diamond Series (Glass Based Effect

Anti-Yellowing Series

Weather Resistance Series

Velvet Series of Effect Pigments

Hot New Special Effect Pigments

Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments

Oxen Velvet Series of Effect Pigments

Oxen Chem has developed the Velvet Series of effect pigments, the main features are the color is semi matt with very smooth and gentle luster which is similar to Velvet.

This series has the completely range of color for choice. The small and even particle size range is most suitable for printing Inks (including offset printing inks), coatings, paints, cosmetics, etc.

Hope the special effect could bring new innovation product design to you.



Particle Size (μm)
15-1 Ultra Silve White 5~15
15-2 Ultra Inteference Redish Golden 5~15
15-3 Ultra Inteference Pink 5~15
15-4 Ultra Interference Violet Red 5~15
15-5 Ultra Interference Violet 5~15
15-6 Ultra Interference Violet Blue 5~15
15-7 Ultra Interference Blue 5~15
15-8 Ultra Interference Greensih Yellow 5~15
15-9 Ultra Interference Bluish Breen 5~15
15-10 Ultra Interference Green 5~15

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