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Welcome to Oxen. The Oxen will satisfy you for all of your expectations to colorants.

Using Oxen Pearl Luster Pigments, not only can bring your products the enthralling outlooks and gentlest luster, but also help to make Green products, and avoid any safety or pollution problem.

Oxen Special Chemicals Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Pearl Luster Pigments.
The annual production capacity of all kind of Oxen Pearl Luster Pigments is more than 4500tons.

The products range reached as much as fourteen series and more than 600 types, the Oxen Pearl Luster Pigments are widely used in the industrials of coatings, paints, plastics, master batches, leathers, paper and pulp, printing inks, textile printing pastes, and cosmetics as well. Recent years, along with the development of technology, Oxen high ends products are widely used in automotive coatings, powder coatings, and many other applications.

At present, the Oxen Pearl Luster Pigments have been widely used by customers in domestic and abroad. The sales amount is domestic and abroad is about 50% to 50%.

Please find the best suitable Pearl Luster Pigments here, or let us know your special requirements, so the pigments will be specially tailored for you.


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